Division of Occupational Psychology

Volunteer Training Group (LDP)

Purpose & Objectives

Our primary aim is to provide volunteers with an overview of the DOP and to offer basic training on what it is to volunteer. We also develop the DOP’s volunteer leaders and help fill the leadership pipeline to the Executive, working groups, and strategy groups.

Group Members

Membership is open to any DOP member, including alumni of the Leadership Development Programme.

Key Activities

The most high-profile activity is the Leadership Development Programme (LDP), which started in 2012.

Six to ten delegates participate annually.

The year-long programme consists of three residential modules around the country, individual and group projects, mentoring, and monthly ‘e-calls.’

The aim is to develop leadership skills in delegates, so that they are better prepared to lead within the DOP.

In 2015, the Division of Counselling Psychology joined the LDP; this has enhanced the learning experience for delegates and emphasised the importance of cross-network collaboration.

Moving forward, the VTG will be supporting volunteers in general, including face-to-face and teleconference introductions to working with the DOP and volunteering skills.

We welcome interest from those who wish to sit on our LDP Executive Board, to manage various aspects of the programme (e.g., delegate selection, venue administration, and content development).

What you could add

Potential volunteers could contribute by offering to support volunteer training events:

Developing training materials
Arranging events

The benefits for volunteers

By volunteering with the VTG, you can:

* Develop or enhance a variety of occupational psychology skills 
* Work on your Continuing Professional Development
* Broaden your network and meet other occupational psychologists.

Examples of Previous LDP Projects:

* Videos of pioneering occupational psychologists
* Creation of an OP internship framework
* Review of OP chartership around the world
* Diversity and inclusion policies & activities within BPS 

 Contact us at:  [email protected]