Division of Occupational Psychology

Youth Employment


To bring together expertise from within the DOP membership to ensure that OP as a profession makes distinct contribution to issues relating to youth employment and engagement in work, specifically:

Influencing organisations to employ young people and appreciate their contribution

Influencing policy relating to how young people transition from education to employment and are supported in work

Helping young people make the best of their skills and to maximise the opportunities available to them

Helping young people on their career journey into Occupational Psychology.

Group members

Dr Angela Carter (Just Development)

David Carew (DWP)

Martyn Clews (Metropolitan Police)

Jasmine Dennis (student member)

Francesca Fisher (Mind Gym)

Susan Gould (DWP)

Alanna Harrington (Cubiks)

Beth McManus (NHS)

Emma Parry (Convenor, University of Sheffield)

Ali Shalfrooshan (ADC)

Samantha Stone

Activities to date

After presenting three successful symposia at DOP conferences (2013, 2014, 2018) and several Psychology in the Pub events (PiP; Exeter & Truro Branch events, Sheffield) we feel that we are “getting the word out” that Occupational Psychologists can help to get young people into work and advise organisations on how to better recruit, retain and develop young people at work.

The Working Group regularly co-create a career’s event with Masters students and early career Occupational Psychologists. Exploring Careers in Occupational Psychology was enjoyed by a strong audience in Sheffield on 28 May 2015 and written up and evaluated in OP Matters September 2015 (Murray, de Kort & Carter, 2015).

Group members research and practice in areas related to youth employment. Members of the group have written a book called Supporting Young Society: A work psychology perspective; (Carter, A.J; Ed.) and various articles including Youth Employment – The Missing Facts (Carter, A.J., The Psychologist, 2015). Members of the group regularly present on their research linked to young people in work e.g. Emma Parry recently Chaired a symposium on Young People’s Transitions from Education to Employment from Organisational and Individual Perspectives at the Institute of Work Psychology’s International Conference (20-21 June 2018) and Chaired a symposium at EAWOP Congress in Dublin (May 2017) on Supporting Young Peoples’ Journey from Education to Work.

Recent activities

Our careers event Crafting your Future in Occupational Psychology, took place on 14 September 2018 at the University of Sheffield’s Management School. This event was aimed at Masters graduates from Occupational/Work Psychology programmes across the UK and early career Occupational Psychologists to support them in career planning and development. To view the summary report please click here

To discuss the Working Group on Youth Employment or for further information please contact Emma Parry.