Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology

Who we are

The Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology (DSEP) promotes the professional interests of sport and exercise psychologists, and seeks to develop an active community of individuals and groups interested in sport and exercise psychology. These groups range from HCPC registered sport and exercise psychologists, university lecturers, researchers, studetns and trainee sport and exercise psychologists to coaches, teachers, athletes, and anyone with an interest in sport and exercise psychology.

We seek to promotoe the development and sharing of knowledge, expereince and expertise through a range of different forums including:

  • DSEP Annual conference
  • DSEP Division days
  • Workshops
  • Applied Hubs
  • Research Working Groups
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology Review (SEPR)
  • E-Newsletter
  • Website

The Division Committee works on behalf of the Division membership to increase awareness and understanding of the field of sport and exercise psychology, and the profession of sport and exercise psychologists.

Strategic plan 2018-2020


Research Working groups

These are DSEP-recognised research groups set up to investigate specific topics relevant to sport and exercsie psychology. DSEP fund two Research Working Groups per year. The primary aims of the Research Working Group initiative are (1) to encourage and support working groups who wish to progress a specific research area within sport and exercise psychology, (2) to enable leaders of working groups to bring together experts from within a research area to foster greater collaboration, and (3) to provide small funds to be exclusively used for travel and accomodation expenses for the members of the working group.


Applied Hubs

Applied hubs are DSEP supported communities that seek to provide opportuntiies for communication, networking, and the sharing of experiences for anyone interested in sport and exercsie psychology applied practice, and in particular for Stage 2 candidatesa and their supervisors. The Hubs provide further training opportunities, an environment in which the challenges of applied practice can be shared and discussed, and the opportunity for hub members to engage in collaborative training, CPD activity and to share experiences and promote the proession localy,