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Our next Psychology in the Pub

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Previous events include:

"Slipperiness, evasion and ambiguity“: the psychology of  political equivocation by Honorary Professor Peter Bull (May 10th 2017)


Are you Smarter than a Chimpanzee? by Dr Ben Ambridge (23rd March 2017)


How NOT to be a woman on the internet: Understanding Cybermisogyny and Anti-Feminism Online by Dr Jenny Cole (8th March 2017) 


What Does Our Brain Do When We Do Nothing? The Origin of Creative and Spontaneous Thoughts Explored by Mladen Sormaz (22nd February 2017)


Psychology in the Pub

A warm welcome to our fourth series of Psychology in the Pub! Formerly known as 'Psychology for Non-Psychologists', we have organised a new programme of informal events offered to the general public. Please see details below for further information about PitP.

What is this? 

Psychology in the Pub (PitP) is a free event where anyone can come to explore the latest ideas in psychology over a drink in a relaxed setting. This ranges from university students and qualified clinicians to those who simply have an interest in psychology. PiTP offers an opportunity for attendees to interact with eminent researchers or mental health professionals on a range of fascinating popular topics.

But what does that mean exactly? 

The idea is simple: It’s your chance to discuss psychology or the latest research over a drink in the pub. 

An eminent Psychologist, Mental Health Professional or researcher will discuss a thought-provoking topic in their area of ‘expertise’. This is usually in a 40-min presentation format starting at 7pm. The audience is then invited to join in a lively discussion, if you wish, with an opportunity to ask questions. Afterwards, the bar will remain open for your relaxation and socialising. Often the speaker is invited to stay for a drink or two providing a space for a more informal discussion

What is psychology and who are we? 

Psychology is the scientific study of human mind and behaviour. The British Psychological Society (BPS) is the representative body for psychology and Psychologists in the UK. We are responsible for the development, promotion and application of psychology for the public good. This includes providing information to the public about psychology. PitP is organised by the North West of England Branch of the BPS. We encourage people of any background to come along who has any interest in human nature and our topics! We also very much welcome your feedback so that we can improve our events. 

Members of the BPS North West committee are often at these events so make sure you say hello!

What is the aim? 

We aim to increase the understanding of psychology in the general public by giving a series of talks in an informal environment. We emphasise that you need not have any prior knowledge about psychology -This event was created for YOU. 

We hope that talks are: 

• Informative (you learn something new, perhaps even making you think differently) 

• Based on evidence (everyone can have an opinion but is it scientific?) 

• Relevant (helpful to your understanding of the world and/or your daily life) 

• Engaging (you find it stimulating, perhaps entertaining, with interactive opportunities) 

It is in our mission statement that we should actively create and use opportunities to interact with both psychologists and non-psychologists to increase understanding of psychology and its relevance.