Psychobiology Section



Psychobiology is at the intersection of mind and body. Psychobiologists research how psychological factors like cognition, mood and appraisal combine with biological events like stress physiology, changes in brain function, and pharmacological effects, to shape the human experience. Striving to understand these mind-body interactions provides psychobiology with a unique perspective on humanity.

The Psychobiology Section of the BPS provides a forum for the discussion and professional issues for people with interests in the more biological aspects of psychology. Its present membership includes those active in fields of psycho-physiology, psychopharmacology, physiological psychology, animal behaviour, behavioural genetics, learning theory and neuropsychology. The Section's aim is to complement the functions of specialised research groups within these various areas.


For a yearly payment of £10 (£5 for students and postgraduates) you will receive:·

  • Access to the Psychobiology email distribution list·
  • A twice yearly newsletter·
  • Reduced registration fees for the Psychobiology Annual Scientific Meeting·
  • Opportunities to meet other Psychobiology Researchers

How to join

In order to join the Psychobiology Section you must already be a member or subscriber of the British Psychological Society. Please vist the membership page for details to join the Society.

If you are already a member of the British Psychological Society and you want to become a member of the Psychobiology Section, please download the membership form and send return it to the society by post to:

British Psychological Society, PO Box 87, Oakengates DO, TF3 3WT.

Membership Announcement list

An email group specifically designed for our section has been created so that we can email documents and announcements to all members via email which will reduce the amount of surface mail we all receive and aid us in communicating with one another. 

For more details on the Sections Membership Announcment list please use the link below: