Psychology of Women and Equalities Section

Joining and benefits

The Section's main activities are:

  • Organising its own annual meeting, as well as symposia and workshops at major Society conferences;
  • Holding occasional meetings at which members may exchange ideas more informally;
  • Producing a regular newsletter with up-to-date information and comment on developments in the psychology of women and related areas;
  • Producting the publication Psychology of Women Section Review which aims to promote and support academic research and debate on issues related to the psychology of women and encourage the development of theory and practice concerning gender and other social inequalities.
  • The Psychology of Women Section produces up to two periodicals a year for their members titled Psychology of Women Section (POWS) Review.

Our Aims

The Psychology of Women Section (POWS) works within the BPS highlighting issues of gender and inequality in academic and applied psychology in order to positively influence policy and practice. Our aims are to promote the psychology of women in academic and professional domains and to give information to the public and the discipline about psychological, social, and economic problems of women and minority groups.

Our Goals

Our goals are to:

  • encourage psychological research wich challenges negative assumptions about minority groups, including those from ethnic minorities, those with disabilities and those who are socially and economically deprived;
  • promote psychological research which challenges oppressive treatment by mental health practitioners;
  • promote links between professional women, academics, applied psychologists students, activists and campaigners;
  • encourage interdisciplinary work and the use of different methodologies (e.g. qualitative and quantitative);
  • address gender issues and inequalities in the psychology curriculum;
  • facilitate and develop feminist and emancipatory research, theory and practice; and
  • influence public policy in areas such as equal rights, parenting, and employment.


Member Benefits

POWS Review

A bi-annual publication that provides a forum for discussion of all aspects of the psychology of women in research, teaching and professional practice. It aims to encourage the development of theory and practice concerning gender and other social inequalities.

Annual Conference

POWS holds a three-day conference, which covers a wide range of issues including: gender, mental health, women's health, feminist theory, masculinity, sexualities qualitative methodologies, disability, ethnicity and racism.

Some financial support is available upon request from students, unemployed and/or those who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference.

POWS Prize

The POWS annual undergraduate and postgraduate student prize is awarded at the Annual Conference. The winner receives the opportunity to present a paper at the annual conference (registration fees are waived and UK travel paid), and publication of the submission in POWS Review (subject to normal review process).

Feminism and Psychology

POWS members are entitled to a 20% subscription discount to this leading international journal on SAGE website


How to join

In order to join the Psychology of Women Section you must be a member, affiliate, student subscriber or e-subscriber of the British Psychological Society. Please note, you are able to join the BPS as an e-subscriber for an annual fee of £10 which then allows you to join POWS. 

Annual membership of this Section is currently 15 GBP (5 GBP for student members)

To join this section, please download the Sections application form

or email subscriptions