Psychology of Women and Equalities Section



POWS Committee Members


Katherine Johnson

Past Chair:

Marcia Worrell

Chair Elect 
Bridgette Rickett

Katie Milnes

Sandra Roper

POWS Review Editor and Representative
Lisa Lazard

Stephanie Davis

Member Network Liaison 
Zenobia Nadirshaw

Communications Coordinator
Devina Lister 

Lead Conference Organiser and Communications Coordinator 
Jessica Drakett

Conference Organiser and POWS Prizes Coordinator
Glen Jankowski

Conference Liaison representative

Katy Day

Co-opted member

Kirsty Budds

BPS Awards and Prizes Coordinator
Bridgette Rickett

PsyPAG Representative
Rosemary Lobban

PoWS Review Editors

Editor in Chief
Lisa Lazard - [email protected] 


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