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Psychotherapy Section Review

The Psychotherapy Section Review (PSR) is a bi-annual journal published by the Psychotherapy Section. It contains articles, personal accounts and conference reports. Our last member survey has suggested that the content could be broadened to include more variety in the PSR. It is endeavoured that book reviews, postgraduate column and several new sections such as interviews with outstanding academics or practitioners could be added in the Review. If you have any other suggestions, please email the Editor Terence Birchmore

The Psychotherapy Section produces up to two periodicals a year for their members titled Psychotherapy Section Review (PSR). 

Current and past issues of the Psychotherapy Section Review are now available to purchase/download via the BPS shop in PDF format.

Call for papers

The PS would like to encourage members to submit articles for the PSR. These can take a variety of formats and do not have to be a formal paper. 

They could be in form of letters to the editor, comments on the current situation of psychotherapy, personal experiences, annoymised case studies and research papers. We would also welcome reports on conferences or workshops, or description of new ways of working. 

If you would like to contribute to the PSR, please email Terence Birchmore with your submission. All submissions are initially examined by the Editors to ascertain whether the article is suitable for publication and the Editors' decision is final. Submission should be original papers and should be prepared according to APA guidelines.