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Welcome to the Scottish Branch of the British Psychological Society.

The Branch exists to promote and advance Psychology as a whole, but with particular relevance to policy and practice in Scotland.   Links to the Divisions in Scotland are on the left hand side of this page.

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Message from the chair...

It is been a very busy time since I took over as the Chair in March 2018.  I can’t believe that it is more than six months ago.

The Undergraduate Conference at the University of Glasgow on 24th March 2018 went well. There were over 400 delegates making it the biggest undergraduate conference to date.  119 talks were scheduled and all Scottish BPS divisions were represented at the Future’s Fair. Feedback was very positive from the delegates. Students from Scottish psychology students’ associations produced a general science magazine called Write Brain in honour of the conference. This is available on the UG conference Facebook page.

We continue to look for opportunities to influence policy and practice and I have worked closely with Divisional Chairs, Pagoda, and Nigel Atter, BPS Policy Advisor in that regard. This has included written communication and news releases in relation to national policy matters. There was a very successful Parliamentary Event held in May. Niger Atter, BPS Policy Officer, and Paul Surgenor, Pagoda, were in attendance. In addition, there were 4 BPS members. Topics covered will be childhood obesity, children and young people’s mental health, adults with incapacity and approved clinician agendas, psychologically healthy workplaces, and suicide prevention.

The BPS sponsored Carnival of Mind as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival. A number of BPS Scottish Branch members were in attendance.

The provision of HUBS provides an important means of engaging Scottish Branch members and providing networking opportunities especially for those who live in more rural areas and who may not be members of Divisions. Since the AGM in March, there has been a very successful HUB event at Prestwick airport on 17th September.

It is important that psychologists share different perspectives and learn from each other. This will lead to new ideas and ways of thinking about the challenges facing our society and the potential contribution of psychology. Members can share key developments in their respective areas of work.  Such discussions have led to cross-divisional events such as the recent event on 5th October called ‘Responding to Trauma: contribution from across psychology’. This event was organised by DOP-S with financial support from the Scottish Branch.

With the support of Bridget Hanna we are making far more use of social media, such as Twitter, to share information and generate discussion amongst members. This is important as it highlights the work with psychologists are engaged in across Scotland.

Elizabeth Hannah


Email: [email protected]