Social Psychology Section

Pump-priming and dissemination fund

Notes for applicants

The BPS Social Psychology Section awards small grants for the purpose of pump priming and dissemination. The aim of these grants is to enable Section members to organize events which may lead to a larger research project or similar outcome, or the further dissemination of work already conducted. Funds may be requested for the purposes of activities such as the development of a network of potential research collaborators, the organization of workshops, or the organization of public engagement events. Funds cannot be requested for primary research activities (e.g. data collection and analysis). Applicants are encouraged to seek matched funding wherever possible, although it is not a requirement that proposals include matched funding.

The deadline for applications is 1st May, 2018.

If you have any questions, please e-mail the Hon. Secretary, Dr Daniel Jolley ([email protected]).


  • The maximum grant available under this scheme is £2000, and the duration of projects funded under the scheme is typically no longer than 12 months.  We expect, however, that the bids submitted will be smaller than the max. allowed; unless, you include a special argument for why your bid should be awarded the full available funds.
  • Applicants are free to decide whether to charge a delegate fee, or to use the funds to make the event free to delegates. A clear justification for this decision must be provided in the proposal. If charging a fee, applicants should bear in mind that different fees can be charged for different grades of Section membership (e.g. full members; postgraduate members; non-members). If costs are to be recovered through delegate fees, the Section would ordinarily expect to be reimbursed up to a maximum of the sum awarded.
  • Grant holders must be members of the British Psychological Society, Social Psychology Section (although non-Section members can be co-applicants).
  • There will be a deadline set each year; the next is 1st May 2018.  The bid will then be considered at the next meeting of the Social Psychology Section Committee.
  • Committee members must declare any conflicts of interest before participating in the decision making process.
  • The Committee’s decision is final.
  • The number and level of awards made in any one year may vary.
  • Applications should be submitted to Hon. Secretary, Dr Daniel Jolley ([email protected])
  • Eligible costs include any costs associated with the project, with two major exceptions: 1. The Section does not cover institutional overheads; 2. The Section does not cover costs associated with academic staff time or replacement teaching costs.
  • Grant holders are expected to provide a report of around 1000 words (suitable for publication in Social Psychological Review and on the Section’s website), together with a final budgetary report, within three months of the end of the funding period.

Format of applications

Applications should be no more than four sides of A4, and should include the following headings:

Aims & Objectives;

  • Work Planned (this section should take up the bulk of the proposal, and should include the details of the activities planned)
  • Timeframe (including proposed start and end dates)
  • Anticipated outcomes (e.g. publications; further research proposals; presentations; ‘impact’)
  • Costings (please be as detailed as possible)

Applications should be submitted to Hon. Secretary, Dr Daniel Jolley ([email protected]) by the deadline.