South West of England Branch

Joining and benefits

There are many benefits to joining us at the BPS and, specifically, joining the south west branch. The BPS SW branch runs a number of Psychology in the Pub (PiP) events located at Bristol, Bath, Exeter, and Plymouth.  There is shortly to be a PiP held in Jersey, currently pencilled in for January 2016.

These PiPs started off being held in Pubs but the Bristol and Bath events are now held in venues outside the Pub environment that are however within easy access of Pubs.  Attendance at the PiPs is free and open to the general Public as well as practitioners of Psychology. Nibbles and soft refreshments are provided.

The events are held in the early evening and details can be found in the Events section. Each event has a guest speaker giving an interesting and  professional talk on various aspects of Psychology.  This talk usually lasts for about 50 minutes and is followed by questions.

Exeter and Plymouth generally hold PiPs on a monthly basis while Bath and Bristol hold their events on alternate months.  Attendances vary but are seldom less than 30 and have reached 80.

To get the latest information about the events follows us through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn where we have dedicated feeds and pages.

For a host of sound reasons to join the wider BPS community take a look at our parent site.

How to join

Joining the Society gives you automatic membership of your local branch.