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 1.            A presentation by the BPS Leicester will be made on 21st September at the Albemarle Centre from 1830 to 2100 (Taunton) – this on the future structure of the BPS and how that related to Branches and their functions/role/... more
 A presentation on the state of the ongoing  BPS review will be made by BPS Leicester Staff on 21st September at the Albemarle Centre, Taunton from 1830 to 2100 – this presentation will also be concerned with future Branches’ structure and their functions/roles/individual geographic areas... more
Chair’s Spiel – May 2018  Chair’s Attendance as UK Branch Representative at the Society Review Group – Leicester – 30th April ‘18 A meeting of representative from most BPS entities was held at the BPS Offices, Leicester on 30th April and lasted for 4.5 hours.  The meeting was... more
Public Health and Social Justice: Stronger Together - Taunton, 13.4.18  This one-day event that was held in Taunton in April 2018, was conceived as a joint effort by the local BPS and DCP branch committees with the aim of drawing together as many component parts of the BPS as were active... more
Feedback Forms – Summary Public Health and Social Justice: Stronger TogetherPlease assist the event follow-up, and the planning of future events, by answering the questions on this form.Could you please say which profession or branch of psychology you are from, and/or did you attend as a student or... more