Special Group in Coaching Psychology

Welcome to the Special Group in Coaching Psychology. 

Welcome to the Special Group in Coaching Psychology (SGCP). The SGCP supports coaching psychologists, coaches, individual clients and organisations who are interested in learning more about coaching psychology and coaching services.

Our aim is to promote the development of coaching psychology as a professional activity and clarify the benefits of psychological approaches within coaching practice. We are committed to fostering excellence in coaching practice through: research, events, publications, discussion and professional development.

The SGCP is committed to providing easier access to psychological resources to organisations, non-psychologist coaches, as well as individual purchasers of coaching services.

See our on-line list of members of the SGCP who are Chartered Psychologists to enable fast identification of coaching psychologists by post code, experience and a range of other factors.

 About us

The Special Group in Coaching Psychology (SGCP) was established to provide psychologists with a means of sharing research as well as practical experiences that relate to the psychology of coaching. As SGCP has developed the focus is not just on coaching psychologists, but also on coaches who are interested in using psychology in their coaching.

Our vision is to be recognised as a leading authority on coaching psychology and to be central to development of the profession.

Our mission is to Highlight the Psychology in Coaching, via:

  • Research
  • Debate
  • Publications
  • Conferences and events

The SGCP is formed of a main committee of almost 20 members, supported by members who sit on Sub-Committees and working party groups. All are volunteers and committed to the development of the profession, and in providing our members with numerous valuable benefits; CPD events, annual conference, ethics advice, two free publications, reduced rates at our and others events, and being part of an active network for sharing information and ideas.


In brief, SGCP was formed as a result of lobbying by the Coaching Psychology Forum (CPF). CPF originally started as an internet based forum. It was founded in 2002 in response to concerns about untrained or poorly trained coaches, and the related need to promote improved standards of practice for the benefit of the profession of coaching, coaches, their clients and the public at large. In February 2003 CPF formed a working group and petitioned for the British Psychological Society to set up a group that supported psychologists who were involved in coaching practice, to enable them to focus on deepening understanding and awareness of coaching psychology as an area of psychological practice.

After almost 2 years, on 15thDecember 2004, the Executive Committee of the SGCP was established at the inaugural Annual General Meeting of the Special Group in Coaching Psychology. Since the development of the SGCP, coaching psychology is developing a strong professional identity, with currently eight coaching psychology professional bodies in existence around Europe and Internationally.

A more indepth history of the SGCP is given in an article published in the first hard copy of The Coaching Psychologist in July 2005 (page 5).

Authors who wish to include these details in books or articles are asked to reference this article as the accurate copyrighted documention of the SGCP history.