Special Group in Coaching Psychology

Research Skills Workshops - Invitation to Tender

The SGCP will be hosting a series of research skills workshops to help coaches and coaching psychologists acquire or refresh their research skills for the purposes of enhancing their knowledge, and ability to investigate their practice.

Tenders are invited to provide between four and six workshops for coaching practitioners which provide an opportunity to develop skills that coaches can use to enhance their knowledge and investigate questions of concern in their practice. Important aspects of these workshops will include how to critically appraise qualitative and quantitative studies, how to conduct systematic literature reviews, how to design and conduct audits and small-scale research projects, and an introduction to the types of qualitative and quantitative research methods of particular relevance to practitioner-researchers. Supplemental handouts and recommended reading are also desirable.

The SGCP seeks to deliver these workshops as a series of webinars preferably by the end of November 2018.

Location: N/A – delivered by webinar

For further information, please contact Sarah Corrie, SGCP Research Officer, at [email protected].

To submit a tender for these events please send details of the following:

•       Outline of content of event
•       Details of speaker fees
•       Any additional costs

Applications should be submitted to Ben Wright at [email protected] by Friday 20 April 2018.