Special Group in Coaching Psychology

SGCP Research Network - Aims, Objectives and Terms of Reference

The Coaching Psychology Research Network was inaugurated in December 2014 by the Special Group in Coaching Psychology. The Research Network aligns itself with the vision and mission of the SGCP whose aim is to promote, develop, encourage and support coaching psychology in ways which engage and are responsive to all of our stakeholders both within and beyond the British Psychological Society. Encouraging, supporting and developing coaching psychology research, alongside strengthening the evidence-base of coaching psychology, is central to this endeavour.

The strategic goals of the Coaching Psychology Research Network are as follows:

• To promote and advance coaching psychology;
• To strengthen the evidence-based of coaching psychology;
• To support and enable excellence in coaching psychology research;
• To support the development of the highest standards of research, practice and ethics in coaching psychology.

To date, the knowledge-base of coaching psychology has been supported in a variety of ways. Within the British Psychological Society, the SGCP has sought to raise the profile of coaching psychology research through our conferences, events and publications as well as informal networking. Having achieved 10 years of sustained activity and a growing membership, and witnessed the increasingly broad contexts in which coaching interventions are applied, the SGCP seeks to further support and strengthen the knowledge- and evidence-bases of coaching psychology and to enable the production, contribution and influence of coaching psychology research. The Coaching Psychology Research Network was established to facilitate this.

The aims and objectives of the Research Network

It is anticipated that the nature, role and activities of the Research Network will evolve over time to ensure consistency with the business plan and strategic aims of both the SGCP and of the Society.

At the time of its development, the broad aims of the Research Network include the following:

1. To support, facilitate and promote the research profile of coaching psychology both within and beyond the Society;
2. To promote and enhance awareness of coaching psychology research by the dissemination of results through a variety of methods including conferences, events and publications;
3. To stimulate new research interests and ventures;
4. To influence, where appropriate, internal and external funding for the support and encouragement of coaching psychology research;
5. To support the SGCP’s publications through increasing the ‘pool’ of available submissions that reflect state of the art knowledge and innovations in research and practice
6. To support the work of the SGCP Awards Committee through identifying potential nominees for the Student Project, Research and Distinguished Contribution Awards.

Additional objectives, in support of these broad aims, include the following:

1. To establish a community of coaching psychology researchers;
2. To connect people across specialisms and areas of interest, both nationally and internationally, for the purposes of networking and research collaboration;
3. To facilitate connections that might enable authoritative reports on research issues of interest to SGCP members, members of the Society and the wider community;
4. To create a platform for members to share their emerging research for the purposes of informal peer support;
5. To provide an accessible and welcoming forum for new researchers;
6. To facilitate informed, impartial and balanced discussion about all aspects of coaching psychology research including design and implementation, emerging and innovative methodologies, and ethical issues;
7. To facilitate dialogue and debate about issues that are central to the evidence-base of coaching psychology;
8. To feedback to the SGCP Committee, and where appropriate to the Research Board of the Society, any matters of significance relating to coaching psychology research;
9. To stimulate the exchange of scientific knowledge between coaching psychologists and other stakeholders with an interest in coaching psychology nationally and internationally.

It is important to note that these aims and objectives will be pursued and achieved in ways that remain consistent with the Society’s Strategic Plan, the Strategic Activity Plan of the SGCP and the Terms of Reference of the Society’s Research Board who, as a stakeholder, may be kept informed of the activities of the Research Network.

Given that the Research Network is embedded within the SGCP, the Research Officer will also provide a report to the SGCP Committee on the activities and working of the Research Network at each quarterly meeting. As a recent innovation, the SGCP will seek to monitor the effectiveness of the Research Network which may be subject to changes as the Network evolves. The Research Officer will, in addition, provide a report at the AGM in 2015 with a view to updating the membership on the work and progress of the Research Network.


Membership is open to members of the SGCP and other individuals who are interested in, actively supporting and contributing to research in the fields of coaching and coaching psychology.

This document will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it remains fit for purpose.

Date: July 2015