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Transpersonal Psychology deals with spiritual nature of human beings. All the major spiritual and mystical traditions of the world include teachings about the nature of mind and promote practices and lifestyles intended to bring about psychological transformation. Human beings frequently have transpersonalexperiences in which our awareness expands and intensifies. Sometimes these occur spontaneously, in the midst of every activities and situations. Outside the context of religion or spirituality. Transpersonal psychology investigates spiritual practices and experiences, researching their value and their relationship to the models and concepts of psychology. So transpersonal psychology can be seen as an integration of spirituality and psychology. 



The section has links with other transpersonal organisations, both nationally and internationally, and encourages lively debate and discussion about transpersonal issues. As a member, you will receive a quarterly newsletter, highlighting recent transpersonal research and publications, and also our annual journal, The Transpersonal Psychology Review. The Section holds an annual residential conference involving experiential workshops and academic papers, and offers day events during the course of the year. Section members are given reduced rates to all events.


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An email group specifically designed for our section has been created so that we can email documents and announcements to all members via the internet which will reduce the amount of surface mail we all receive and aid us in communicating with one another. Click here to join the announcement list.


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To join the Transpersonal Psychology Section, there is a two stage process. You first be a member, affiliate, e-subscriber or student subscriber of the British Psychological Society. (If youre outside the UK, you can join as an affiliate subscriber.) To join the BPS visit


Once you are a member of the BPS, annual membership of the Transpersonal Psychology Section is currently £10 (£3 for Student members).  To join this section, please complete the Section Membership form and return with payment for the appropriate amount to:


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