Wessex Branch

Awards and Funding

Bursaries are available for students to attend conferences in the region. To be eligible, students must be members of the British Psychological Society, and live or study in Wessex. 

Branch Policy on Bursaries

The Wessex Branch will offer Bursaries for events.

  • These Bursaries will be allocated to students who are Wessex Branch members (ie members of the British Psychological Society either living or studying in the Wessex area), up to a maximum of 100% of the conference fee per student. Within these parameters the organising committee can determine the number and monetary value of the bursaries they wish to give, subject to confirmation by the Wessex Branch Committee. 
  • All bursaries will be of equal value. 
  • Bursary applicants will be required to complete an application form detailing how they feel that the conference will benefit their studies. This will form part of the selection process. In the event of there being competition for the Bursaries the Wessex Branch Executive Committee will act as the judging panel. 
  • Recipients will be required to submit a 500 word report on the conference for use as the Branch decide. 
  • Recipients will be required to pay their conference fees and then submit their receipt to the Branch. The bursary will be paid by bank transfer on receipt of the conference report. 
  • Bursaries may be offered for BPS events within the region organised by either sub-systems or universities. 
  • An annual Bursary Prize might be offered to a Wessex Student to attend a conference of their choice providing that they were presenting a paper. 
  • There may be additional requirements for specific events and these will be detailed on an event-by-event basis. 
  • An individual may only be in receipt of one bursary within a 12 month period.
  • Previous applications may be taken into account in the decision making process.

If you would like to apply for a bursary please use the application form below:

Wessex Branch Bursary Application Form

Policy revised May 2017