MindEd child mental health project

We support MindEd – a programme that provides electronic learning materials covering the breadth of children and young people’s mental health for both the healthcare and non-healthcare workforces.

The MindEd website provides free online education to help adults to identify and understand children and young people with mental health issues. There is a suite of e-learning resources, including assessment and outcome evaluation aids.

Since its launch in March 2014, the website has been regularly updated. In October 2013 state 2 of the MindEd programme went live. This consisted of 72 new e-learning sessions arranged in 10 modules.

Like all other MindEd content, this is available free of charge on the website. To find the new material, look for the 'targeted and specialist CAMHS' project there.

At MindEd's launch in March, the minister for care and support, Norman Lamb, said:

“Spotting the signs of mental health problems early in children and young people is essential to prevent problems from escalating and continuing into adulthood. That’s why we have invested £3 million in MindEd – so that people working with children, from teachers to dinner ladies and sports coaches to Scouts leaders, can recognise when a child needs help and make sure they get it.

“I am committed to improving children and young people’s mental health. We have invested a total of £54m in programmes and initiatives to ensure children and young people get the right support quickly.”

You can learn more about MindEd by watching the videos on its Youtube channel or read its latest e-bulletin.

For more information email the MindEd team or call 0207 7092 6098/9.

The MindEd Consortium 

In order to deliver this work in co-production with the Department of Health, a multi-agency consortium, the MindEd Consortium, was established with the following member organisations: