Cognitive Psychology Bulletin

The periodical of the Cognitive Psychology Section, aims to provide a forum for the dissemination of research papers and research reviews as well as provide a channel for news and information about people, events and publications that may be of interest to the cognitive psychology community.

We encourage submission of the following types of papers;

  • Theoretical Articles
  • Review Articles
  • Conference Reviews
  • Book Reviews 
  • Opinion pieces about current affairs in Cognitive Psychology and HE

Contributions to our Postgraduate Column

We also wish to print information about;

  • Upcoming Events (conferences/workshops)
  • Postgraduate Funding Opportunities (by non-university organisations)

Scheduled publication frequency:

One issue per a year


Editor: Duncan Guest
Assistant editors: Natalie Butcher, Andrew Dunn

Information for contributors

Theoretical Articles & Review Articles

The editor is particularly interested in receiving submissions that are aligned with the themes (keynote speakers) of the 2016 Cognitive Section Conference. These are;

  1. Multi-sensory Integration
  2. Language Processing

Theoretical articles and Review articles should be no longer than 3000 words, plus references. Papers should be prepared according to APA guidelines.

Conference Reviews
We would like to publish reviews of conferences related to Cognitive Psychology hat would be of interest to the UK cognitive psychology community. Conference reviews should be no longer than 1,000 words.

Book Reviews
Book reviews can be anything from 100 words to 1,000 words, but in general tend to be 300-500 words.

Postgraduate Column
Are you a PG in the field of cognitive psychology who wants to comment on a specific research area and/or the experience of postgraduate study in cognitive psychology? If so then contributions to the Postgraduate column are welcome. We are looking for a either short (500 word) pieces that raise particular issues or longer review pieces (up to 1800 words plus references).

Opinion pieces
Opinion pieces should be 1,000 words and should relate to current issues surrounding cognitive psychology and higher education.

The Cognitive Psychology Bulletin aims to relate key information to the cognitive psychology community. Please do submit information about events, workshops, upcoming meetings and postgraduate funding opportunities by non-university organisations to the editorial team..

To submit
Please email submissions and ideas for consideration to the Editorial team.


Email: [email protected]

Single issues and subscriptions

Hard copy subscription is not available.

Single issues are available for purchase in pdf format via the BPS Shop online. For members of Cognitive Psychology Section you can download the Cognitive Psychology Bulletin for free - this will be available soon. 

If you have any queries regarding subscritpion, please contact [email protected] quoting 'Cognitive Psychology Bulletin subscriptions' in the subject line

Further information

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