DECP Debate

DECP Debate has the following purposes. It acts as:
- The voice of the DECP;
- An organ for the exchange of ideas, interests and views;
- A vehicle for communicating the concerns of the profession; and
- An instrument for two-way communication.

Scheduled publication frequency:

Four issues a year (March, June, September and December)


Editorial Team: Christopher Arnold, Ursula Cornish, Jennifer Greene, Jean Law, Peter Lloyd Bennett and Yvonne Bancroft

Information for contributors

Unsolicited articles or other items for publication are welcomed. Please send these to a member of the Editorial Team. The Editorial Team reserves the right not to publish, for whatever reason, or to suggest amendments. Account should be taken of house style, particularly regarding length, which is a maximum of 3,000 words. Please refer to the style guide available online at: 

DECP Debate appears four times each year and is distributed free to DECP members at the beginning of March, June, September and December. The deadline for copy is 10 weeks before publication, except that letters may be accepted up to six weeks before publication.


Contact the Editors at:
Email: [email protected]

Research in Brief - Jennifer Greene
Email: [email protected]

Book Reviews - Yvonne Bancroft
Email: [email protected] 

Single issues and subscriptions

For hard copy subscription please contact Commercial Sales

Email: [email protected], please quote full title of the publication you want to subscribe to. We will require your name and details of the billing and delivery address. 
Telephone: Please call 0116 252 9551 and a member of the sales team will process your order. 

All our prices include delivery to your door. Please note all subscriptions must be pre-paid. 

Single issues are available for purchase in pdf format via the BPS Shop online. For members of the Division of Educational and Child Psychology you can download the DECP Debate for free. 

Further information

ISSN: print version: 1471-5775; online version: 2396-8680

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