Qualitative Methods in Psychology Bulletin

The Qualitative Methods in Psychology Section Bulletin includes forthcoming events, reviews of conferences of interest to qualitative psychologists, stories of new initiatives for raising the profile of qualitative methods, research reports, book reviews and more.

Scheduled publication frequency:

Twice a year


Editor: Helen Owton

Information for contributors

We welcome submissions on any aspect of qualitative psychology, including peer-reviewed content. Articles dealing with theoretical, methodological and/or empirical matters are particularly welcomed, as are literature reviews. Articles for peer review should typically be between 2000 and 4000 words and will be sent for peer review to at least two expert reviewers. 

The Editorial Board are keen to encourage concise, focussed articles which may be somewhat shorter than would be found in other publications in the field. Submissions are invited under the following broad categories:

Theory, Method, Research and Pedagogy:
Peer-reviewed articles and Brief reports Articles dealing with theoretical, methodological and/or empirical matters are particularly welcomed, as are literature reviews. The Editorial Board would also like to encourage submissions dealing with pedagogical aspects of qualitative methods in psychology.
Longer articles dealing with substantive issues should typically be between 2000 and 4000 words in length, and will be sent for peer-review to at least two expert reviewers.
Brief articles or comments (up to 2000 words) are also encouraged. It is not currently the policy of the Editorial Board to send these for peer-review, and as such these articles will be dealt with by a member of the Editorial Board.
In all cases, the Editorial Board will make an initial decision regarding the suitability of articles for publication in the QMiP Bulletin.

One of the primary functions of the QMiP Bulletin is to provide a platform for publicising and reviewing events. Submissions of this nature should be no longer than 2000 words, and would typically be substantially shorter than this.

Book Reviews should be no longer than 2000 words. In all cases, the Editorial Board reserves the right to relax word limits where appropriate, and to edit manuscripts if necessary. Please contact the Book Review editor for a current list of books.

Manuscript preparation
Manuscripts should be prepared according to the British Psychological Society’s Style Guide (see www.bps.org.uk/sites/default/files/images/bps_style_guide.pdf).

Authors are requested to pay particular attention to this when preparing references lists. All submissions should be in English.

Manuscripts should be double-spaced throughout, and should incorporate page numbers. The title page should include the full title of the manuscript, author name(s), institutional affiliations and contact details.

Authors submitting their work for peer-review should submit two versions of their manuscript: one with identifying information provided, and a second anonymised version.

All articles except for Events and Book Reviews should be preceded by an abstract of 100 to 150 words for longer articles, and 50 to 100 words for brief reports.

Manuscript submission
All contributions should be submitted by email to the Editor. Submissions should be in Microsoft Word format.


Helen Owton: [email protected] 

Book Review Editor
Alexandra Kent: [email protected]

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