Learning Disabilities/Difficulties


Your 2018 conference will be held in Glasgow


Themes & Topics for 2018...

  • Psychological Wellbeing
  • Outcomes: The CORE LD 30
  • Psychological Interventions: Working co-productively with IAPT, Trans-diagnostic CBT, Mindfulness, Positive Behaviour Support
  • Providing Placements for Trainees

A woman high jumper

The Paralympics begin today. And I loved an article by John Head, senior lecturer in prosthetics and biomechanics at the University of Salford, celebrating the fact that


Themes for 2017...

  • Evidence and Research
  • Stigma and Social Identity
  • Attachment

Meet our other invited speakers:


This has been a very busy year for the Faculty for People with Intellectual Disabilities.  We have continued to work in 4 main areas:  the National Arena, Working in Partnership with other organisations, working with the BPS/DCP and supp