Division of Clinical Psychology Faculty of HIV and Sexuality 2014

Recent achievements

  • Quarterly committee meetings
  • Development and launch of service user pamphlet on Standards of psychological support for people living with HIV
  • Audit of Clinical Psychology Doctorate Training on Working with Sex and Sexuality
  • Promoting sexual well-being for people living with HIV at AIDS Impact 2013
  • Third wave therapies event in collaboration with Faculty of Clinical Health Psychology
  • Winter Newsletter
  • AGM
  • Development of social media strategy
  • Development of relationship with BHIVA
  • Engagement with NHIVNA audit
  • Responding to consultations

Raising the profile of clinical psychology

Much of the above work is client facing, or involves liaison and work with non-BPS organisations.

Other plans and activities

  • Female Genital Mutilation conference (11 December 2014)
  • Development of neuropsychology of sexual health conference with Division of Neuropsychology
  • Formalising relationship with the British HIV Association
  • Developing relationship with British Association for Sexual Health and HIV
  • Winter Newsletter
  • Launch of social media strategy
  • Launch of Oliver Davidson Award

We enjoy welcoming new members to the Faculty for HIV and Sexual Health, which provides a forum for psychologists, and other professionals working in the area of HIV and sexual health, to discuss common issues, and to promote research and learning in the field.

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