Psychology of Sexualities Section 2014

In 2014 the Section, chaired by Dr Lyndsey Moon,  prepared a Statement on Reparative Therapy,endorsed by the BPS, which allowed for a working group, set up by the Department of Health, to write a Memorandum of Understanding. The major focus of the Section was the preparation this statement, which has been rated highly by all therapy organisations as well as the Department for Health. The BPS Board of Trustees has taken on the issue of Equality within training, and this has now being recognised as important to monitor in training and education of psychologists.

The Section is represented within the APA hosted International Network on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Concerns and Transgender Issues in Psychology (INET) and a Trans Working party, with the aim of developing more links with trans communities within the remit of the Section was established.

The Psychology of Sexualities Section (PoSS) awards three annual prizes (Practitioner Award, a Research Award and a Student Award). In 2014 an award was made in the Practitioner category to Dr Sarah Fairbank for her work raising awareness of sexuality issues in mental health care within Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

The Section held a well-attended conference on the theme 'Intersections of Gender and Sexuality' at the London offices (13 December) alongside the AGM. Professor Surya Monro (University of Bradford) talked on the topic ‘Intersectionality and Sexualities: Multiple trajectories, empowered selves’ and Dr Meg Barker (Open University) talked on the topic of critical sex advice.

At the AGM Lyndsey Moon, Kristoff Bonello, Claudio Pestana and Mary Blick stood down from the Section Committee and the incoming Chair and new Committee Members thanked them for all their hard work on behalf of the Section in the past period.

There is a guest-edited issue of Psychology of Sexualities Review forthcoming on International Perspectives on LGBTI Psychology, and the Section now has a twitter account with a growing following. The incoming Committee are enthusiastically working to increase the profile of Sexualities research and practice in alignment with the BPS as a whole, and allied sexualities organisations and groups nationally and internationally.

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