Scottish Division of Educational Psychology 2015

2015 was a busy year for the SDEP and 2016 will be interesting. We continue to have around 300 members with over 70 general and trainee members. A big focus over the past year has been to maintain the high profile of Educational Psychologists at National and Local Authority level.

Workforce planning

The National Scottish Steering Group for Educational Psychology (NSSGEP) includes representatives from Scottish Government, Education Scotland, COSLA, the Association of Scottish Educational Psychologists (ASPEP) and SDEP and has focused on gathering information to inform workforce planning and to highlight the contribution educational psychologists make to national priorities. SDEP members worked alongside Education Scotland and (ASPEP) on a national conference to look at future directions for Educational Psychologists in Scotland. The number of trainee psychologists will fall in 2016 with fewer coming through the training courses and SDEP will continue to work to maintain a high profile for Educational Psychologists in Scotland.

The SDEP/ASPEP national conference

This took place on 11 September 2015 and was very well attended by around 220 delegates. The theme for this year was ‘Closing the Gap’ and the sub themes were ‘inclusion’ and ‘leadership for change’. This one day themed approach to conference continues to be well received and feedback referred to the buzz and opportunities for professional dialogue. Education Scotland were invited to conference to run a workshop looking at how Educational Psychologists can contribute to the Government Outcome of Raising Attainment for All (RAFA). Linking to the Association of Principal Educational Psychologists (ASPEP) and the Scottish Government helps to identify opportunities for supporting peer working on national issues and providing a consistent message about the value of educational psychology.


The SDEP executive as well as individual members have responded to a number of consultations including draft statutory guidance on various parts of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act and revisions to HCPC standards. Contributions to national consultations ensure that the voice of Educational Psychologists is heard on issues of importance to the profession and the public.

Standards for Training in Educational Psychology (Scotland)

Representatives from the SDEP Training Committee have been involved as part of a short-term working group, led by Lucy Horder (BPS), in reviewing the Society’s standards for training educational psychologists in Scotland.  There will be consultation on the revised standards and statement of intent with a view towards presenting these for approval by the Partnership and Accreditation Committee.

Anne Wilson, Chair