Replicability and Reproducibility Debate

Under the auspices of the Joint Committee for Psychology in Higher Education, the British Psychological Society, Experimental Psychology Society and the Association of Heads of Psychology Departments hosted an event on Replication and Reproducibility in Psychology at the Royal Society in London on 26 May 2016 from 2-7.30pm.

It was a positive, upbeat and collegiate afternoon’s debate and discussion prompted by Nosek et al’s (2015) Science paper; followed by a networking wine reception sponsored by Wiley.

The Nosek paper has substantial implications for psychology and how we publish our research as well for scientific methods etc. The event will consist of a range of presentations that will consider these implications for the future of psychology and science more generally. Our speakers discussed potential solutions (e.g., need for pre-registration, implications for training of psychologists/scientists, the Open Science Framework) as well as give attention to what might be considered a good percentage of replication (and what we can learn from lower levels of reproducibility etc.).

During the event, the 150 delegates participated in live audience Q&A using (

An infographic on the event and the Q&As can be found online.

Read about coverage of the event in The Psychologist or on Twitter under #psycdebate

Details of speakers at the event and their presentations are provided below:

Watch a video of the debate on our YouTube channel.