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National assessors advise employers on whether applicants meet the standards for appointment. In particular, they assess whether candidates have the necessary skills and competencies to fulfil the job description associated with the post.

They also advise on the relative strengths and weaknesses of candidates in relation to the required competencies. However, the decision on who to appoint remains with the employing Trust. In addition, national assessors may give advice on the development of the job description, person specification and recruitment advert.

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Chief National Assessor

The Chief National Assessor provides leadership and advice to the Lead Assessors and the National Assessors Group, chairing the Lead assessors committee and convening National Assessors training events.  

The Chief National Assessor leads, supports and co-ordinates the contribution of the Lead Assessors and National Assessors in providing advice and support to employers in the recruitment and employment of Consultant Clinical Psychologists - and other applied consultant psychologist roles as appropriate. The Chief National Assessor will liaise with relevant stakeholders and ensure appropriate training is completed by all Assessors and promotes the role of National Assessors as appropriate.

The Chief National Assessor represents Assessors at the Division of Clinical Psychology Professional Standards Unit Committee reporting all matters pertaining to the National Assessors role. The Chief National Assessor also liaises as required with the British Psychological Society’s Leicester Office regarding administration of the National Assessors.

Lead National Assessor

The Lead National Assessors provide advice and communicates on a regular basis with their team of National Assessors on the appropriate section of the register, advising employers on the recruitment and selection of Consultant level appointments and the role of National Assessors in this, ensuring that professional standards for employment are met.

The Lead Assessor is responsible for recruiting new National Assessors to their section of the National Assessors Register with the support of the PBS’ Leicester Office and arranges the mentoring and support for new assessors once appointed. Lead Assessors hold office for a term of three years.

The current list of Lead Assessors is shown below and their contact details can all be found within the search facility:

Chief National AssessorVACANCY
Adult Mental HealthAnn Malkin
Children & Young PeopleMichael Hodgkinson
Clinical Health PsychologyVACANCY
ForensicKerry Beckley
Learning DisabilitiesNigel Beail & Sandra Baum
Older PeopleAlice Campbell
Primary CareVACANCY
Substance MisuseGary Tanner
Teaching Training & ResearchPieter Nel
ScotlandLinda Graham
Psychosis & Complex Mental Health (Adult)Linda Graham